Lynchburg Moose Lodge # 715

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Women of the Moose

Chapter #1335 News

updated 02/01/2021

Women of the moose newsletter for February

Happy Valentines Day!
Hope everyone is staying safe, and is well.

It is that time of year again where we start to have Nominations for the up coming New Year.
All positions will be open on the board.
We will be One Moose and we will work together with the men’s board. This is exciting news.
At the time of this publication I do not have the dates for nomination. Please watch for posted signs throughout our lodge.
If you are interested in being on the Board of Officers for the upcoming year, please let one of the board of officers know.
Also, our project going on now is Women of The Moose lifetime membership. Tickets are behind bar.
3 for $5.00 or
20 for $10.00

Chapter 1335 Board of Officers

updated 12/21/2020

Hello All,

Watch for more of our projects coming up in January
There will be a camping skillet, a lifetime membership.

The WOTM Christmas party for this year has been cancelled die to COVID, and trying to make sure our co workers stay safe.

As always, thank you all for supporting the WOTM.

Kim Viar - Senior Regent
and the Board of Officers

updated 11/29/2020
Welcome Everyone !

Welcome Back. I was so happy to see everybody ...

We have a lot of projects coming up, we always appreciate your support for our fundraisers.  Academy of Friendship recipients from April are :

Michelle Clayton
Tammy Betterton
Susan Stern-Lantz

Congratulations Ladies, job well done !

Halloween Drive Through: Due to COVID, we will not be having our Kids Halloween Party this year, BUT we will have a sign up sheet at the bar.  Sign your little ghosts and goblins up, drive through parking lot on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 24, 2020 From 1-3 pm.

WOTM also has a spa basket coming up

WOTM DESIGNER PURSE BINGO tickets on sale now.

Just to mention some of the upcoming projects.

We will be having our Annual WOTM Christmas Dinner this year in December ... more details to come

Have a safe and Happy Halloween.


Saturday, November 21st, 2020
Congratulations to Patty Bryant on receiving her red tassel and Edie Baldwin on receiving her red stole. Thanks to all who participated in and came out to the College of Regents ceremony and celebration. It was wonderful. Give a shout out to Jeff too for making up the wonderful chicken wings platter.