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Lynchburg Moose Lodge # 715

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Membership Committee
posted 02/01/2021

Hello to all, and by “all” I am addressing all the current members that continue to support our Lodge as well as the Fraternity we all joined and took an oath to support.
Membership is chugging along and many people are
paying their dues religiously even if they are not able to visit us at the lodge.
We are also signing members and renewing some of the members we lost due to smoking bans as well as the
close down for 5 months.
We have the months of Feb. March, and April, to get
back on track of total recovery.
So we need your help in the membership signing and
lodge visitation and participation departments.
Please consider the good times you and your family
have had over the years with your fraternal brothers and sisters and help us preserve and present the New and Updated version of your family friendly lodge for future generations to come. Also, this is not all about the lodge as a place, its about all we do for the local community as well as Moose Heart and Moosehaven. There are many people counting on US…..
Thank You….

posted 01/21/2021

Congratulations to Jr. Governor George Haythe Jr. on his membership into the Moose 25 Club.

Membership in the "25 Club" of the Loyal Order of Moose is attained by sponsoring a minimum of 25 candidates for membership in the Moose fraternity. Each new Moose 25 Club member is assigned a roll number, which is unique to them. This roll number is added to the certificate and pocket card provided to the new Moose 25 Club member. Historically, each new Moose 25 Club member has received a lapel pin depicting the Moose 25 Club logo.

updated 12/21/2020

I just wanted to thank all of you that are taking their oath seriously and signing new members. Currently there is no in-house campaign running and we should have one at all times, Normally, the campaign would be for the month or quarter with a prize for member or members that sign the most new members.

If any of you would like to work on the membership committee or have some ideas of what would be a good motivator to get members excited about helping build their lodge back better and bigger and more active, all you need to do is see Governor Daniel Viar or myself and we will be very happy to have you on board.

Right now, myself and brother George Haythe are in a race to the death, Not really, but he thinks he can win our personal contest.  I am trying to stay ahead of him but he is stiff competition.

Something simple like good friendly challenges are a one great way to build membership as well as giving that person that has everything a Moose Membership for Christmas ... It happens a lot.

Thanks Again
Scott Jachode

updated 11/28/2020


Seems that whatever campaign we offer is not very appealing to the masses.  So, all in all, we are doing great on membership as well as fraternalism in the lodge.  Please remind your friends and family that the lodge is now non-smoking.  We have noticed many past members coming back in and others also are paying dues and re-joining the lodge.

We are down 16 members from the VMA goal for our Moose Year.  That's much, much better than the past several years.  I will be posting the official number of members needed April 2nd and we will have that month to make it happen.

If you have any ideas for a last month membership push contest, please let us know.

Also, we need a membership chairman, along with other committee chairmen and committees.

These are what makes a moose lodge able to have events that are fun, fraternal, and able to attract new members.

Please consider helping out and show your reason and purpose for being a Loyal Order of the Moose Member.

Membership article as posted in the
December20 - January21 issue of Moose Magazine

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