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Lynchburg Moose Lodge # 715

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Administrator's Corner

posted 02/01/2021

Not a lot to say or be said right at this time.

Many of our family and friends have gotten covid
and that has brought the whole ordeal closer to us all
and opened our eyes just how important the rules
and regulations that have been set in place may not
be all malarkey. Its up to us individually, to decide
whats right for us and our families.

The only thing that we, as well as other organizations
ask is that everyone respect the guidelines that we
follow to do our part in keeping our members and
their families as safe as we can.

On another note, please take some time to visit your
lodge and meet some of the new members and all of
the fellow members you may not have seen in a

You can also take advantage of some of the new and
tasty specials like the wings and hot dog specials.

Thanks for reading and I am going to try hard to stay
on track with the newsletters...Scott Jachode